Concerning the electronic manuscript of Fairytales.

The electronic manuscript of Fairytales (1992) is a continuation of my collaboration with the translator John Irons. We began our collaboration on the work Home (1985) (see this) and have continued by working on the present manuscript.
          For me, the two electronic manuscripts represent a genre that offers the reader new possibilities when it comes to reading poems.
          Throughout my writing, I have been interested in information theory, cybernetics and system theory, and the electronic manuscript adds a new dimension to my poetic writing.
          In the electronic manuscript of Fairytales the reader furthermore has the opportunity to see the illustrations used in the book edition. The drawings of Jørgen Bispelund Knudsen date from the period 1986–1990, with motifs taken from Danish woods. It is now possible for readers both to print out the illustrations and to study them in detail.

Klaus Høeck

April 2006

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